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“If a cup of tea isn’t offered, a relationship isn’t offered.”

— A Himalayan mantra
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Hosting and Serving Since 2020

Bringing people together through tea.

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage after water. In the past tea has held great power and influence on the economic and political front. The culture of tea today is present however, it is very faint and very much perceived wrongly. At World Tea Association, we aim to redefine the tea experience through an interdisciplinary approach and expose the true leaf to a greater audience and community.

We are excited to have you be apart of this journey. One sip, one brew, and one tea experience at a time. Cheers to the true leaf.


At World Tea, we inspire the perception and conversation around tea, leading change and shaping its future.

three person riding bikes on green grass field


Conversations and dialogues around tea has always remained insightful and introspective. We hope to create a community where tea is just as much the center as it is not. We believe that strong bonds are formed through intentional activities done together such as having tea.

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Tea is beyond a beverage for just caffeine. We believe everyone has a different relationship with tea. Ultimately, whatever purpose and relationship you have with tea, the physical and mental health benefits of consuming it will always be felt.

brown tree trunk on brown soil


Our vision for tea extends beyond just drinking and sharing. To create a successful community with tea, the learning aspect must be continual and mutual. Advancing our knowledge of the leaf and keeping an open mind is important as it cultivates the quality of humility. Nobody at World Tea knows everything about tea nor does anyone claim they are a “Tea Master” here. The tea journey has no destination, it involves only intention and lifelong learning.